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IT Support Solutions – North Shore Auckland


We provide IT Support  to residential and small to medium sized business in North Shore Auckland. We achieve our aim through the strategic provisioning of ICT infrastructure for your business, our technicians are able to assist you with any physical issues your equipment may present, as well as future proofing your IT infrastructure.

We provide cost effective service for all types of services such as: Server Workstations, Surveillance, Phone systems (SIP / VoIP), Data Cabling, Networking and WiFi Solutions.


How do we do it?

We can help you or your business to meet your goals with tailored IT solutions, embedded seamlessly and IT training, so your business stays ahead of any issues may arise.

Whether it’s installing software or moving your business IT, our technicians will come to your home or workplace and make sure your and your staff are up to speed.

We work with you on-site to ensure that new ICT systems will bring minimal downtime to your business, with no unexpected delays that might affect your business’s productivity.

Every organisation relies on IT systems, from emails to websites and numerous software products, that all need to be ‘up’ 24/7.

IT impacts almost every business function and operational service.


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IT Support and Service North Shore Auckland, Torbay, Glenfield, Browns Bay, Albany