Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal | Cyber Attack |North Shore Auckland


Have you got stolen emails, credentials, personal information, or an hacked Facebook account?

It is always important to keep your antivirus and software, including your operating system up to date.

Downloading and installing illegal software, will cause issues, and expose you to unwanted surprises.

When was last time you checked your computer for viruses ?

Computer Slow, not responding at times? maybe need a check-up!

~~~  Let us help you in few easy steps:  ~~~

Installing and activating antivirus software

Tune-up your computer ( like a W.O.F. for your car )

99% successful rate on retrieving your Hacked Facebook Account *

Installing latest software updates for your computer

On-sites visit available, all you have to do is give us a call and book a time

Service at ease….  Call now :  0800-759-638

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 * Hacked FaceBook Accounts.
Be aware that certain personal information is required to be passed on to FaceBook directly to be able to retrieve and authenticate your account, this will have to match the exact credentials on your account